Multi V-Belts

Multi V-belts for driving ancillary components in cars and commercial vehicles

Multi V-belts enable the non-positive transmission of torque.  Their task: To drive alternators, fans, water pumps, AC compressors and power steering systems in modern engines. The high quality of the ContiTech multi V-belts guarantees perfect performance.

Design and function

A multi V-belt consists essentially of:

A + C)  Synthetic rubber, sometimes fiber-reinforced
B)   Polyester tension member

Design and function

Thanks to its flat design with multiple adjacent ribs, the multi V-belt offers a large frictional surface area for power transmission within a very small space. Its reverse-bending strength and flexibility enable several units to be driven simultaneously.


Replacement interval:

Multi V-belts are subject to aging and wear. They therefore have to be regularly checked and replaced. The checking and replacement intervals are always specified by the vehicle manufacturer and must be complied with.

ContiTech recommends changing the belt every 120,000 km if in doubt.


  • Store in a dry, dust-free and cool place (ideally 15-25°C)
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid contact with all liquids (oil, water etc.)
  • Maximum storage period: 5 years from date of production


  • Use Conti BTT Hz to measure tension
  • Check alignment of belt pulleys using Conti Laser Tool
  • Determine belt wear using Conti Belt Wear Tester (BWT)
Multi V-Belts

Multi V-Belts