Technical Info/Installation Tips

Installation of the drive belt kit CT 919K1/K3/K4/K5 for an Audi A4,1.8 20 V (refitting on the hydrospanner of vehicles built before 1998)

Defect pattern:
The belt drive makes noises after operating for a short time.

Cause of error:
The newly installed tension roller is not the correct distance from the engine and allows the belt to rub at the side on the inner flanged wheel. (set back)

Error elimination:
When refitting vehicles built before and during 1998, the old version stud bolt (1) must be removed. The new version is then screwed into the same hole with a pre-mounted spacer (2). The problem here is that the manufacturer has two!! Different thicknesses of spacer (3.1)+(3.2) which define the distance from the roller to the engine.

Despite the Vehicle Identification No. delimitation (prod. month: 01/96) it is still not absolutely unequivocal which kit must be used since the stated Vehicle Identification No. can deviate from this. One should always check whether the replaced tension roller is mounted aligned in the belt drive. There will definitely be noises produced otherwise or even grave damage to the engine.

Technical Info/Installation Tips

Fig. 1 : The version to be replaced

Technical Info/Installation Tips

Fig. 2 : New tension roller engineering