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Changing the CT 909 K5 timing belt kit for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat 1.8 T/2.0 to the CT 909 K10 (Change from hydraulic tensioning damper to mechanical tensioning pulley)

The components supplied in the timing belt kit do not match the components previously installed on the vehicle (Fig. 1).

According to the OE manufacturer there is a new tensioning system with a mechanical tensioning pulley for the relevant vehicles specified in the catalogue. In this, the hydraulic tensioning damper with the small idler is replaced by a new version with just one bracket for the idler (Fig. 2).

After fitting the timing belt and the bracket with the small idler, set the tensioning pulley to the mark by turning the eccentric clockwise (Fig. 3). Check the setting after cranking the engine twice. Tighten the nut of the tensioning pulley to a torque of 23 +/- 3 Nm.

Technical Info / Einbautipps

Fig. 1
Version to be replaced

Technical Info / Einbautipps

Fig. 2
New tensioning system

Technical Info / Einbautipps

Fig. 3