Technical Info/Installation Tips

Installation tip for timing belt kit CT 957 K1 – WP4: e.g. Audi / VW / Skoda / Seat 1.4 /1.6 16V

The tensioning pulley fastening screw has snapped off..

Cause of fault:
Because too low a tension was set and/or the contact surface with the engine was not correct, the pulley loosened slightly during operation, resulting in the screw being subjected to flexing stresses and then shearing.

Fault correction:
When installing the tensioning pulley, ensure that the contact surfaces are correctly seated. Furthermore, the tension pointer position must be checked after turning the engine over several times. (Fig. 3)

Technical Info / Einbautipps

Fig. 1

Technical Info / Einbautipps

Fig. 2

Technical Info / Einbautipps

Fig. 3