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Attention with elastic and not elastic belts


Frequently we have received from our technical departament information that the market still offer not elastic belts for applications that use only elastic belts.

If elastic Multi V belts are installed in the auxiliary drive, workshops must be especially careful to identify these correctly and never use standard Multi V belts instead.  Standard multi V-belts are not stretchable and therefore do not give the required pre-tension on the belt pulleys – that is, if they can be fitted at all – such the cases of Multi V 6PK1200 (Renault Megane 1.6 16V) e Multi V 6PK1200 Elástica (VW Gol G5, Fox, Saveiro, Voyage 2008/...)

The belt for Megane needs tensioner and has 1.200 mm, and the belt for VW vehicles VW does not need tensioner and has 1.200 mm when installed in the vehicle.

To differentiate from one another, the elastic belt is recording "ELASTIC", so if you ask for in a store belt for Gol G5, for example, and receive a 6PK1200 without recording "ELASTIC" do not install this belt, and ask for a 6PK1200 ELASTIC ContiTech.

The exchange of elastic belts requires strength, because elastic belts need to be stretched during assembly. A special tool is always necessary to ensure that they are properly installed.

Watch the video of how to properly install the elastic belts for the link: